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  1. Hoe gemaak as AFRIKA jou hart se punt is en jy as senior wil toer? Undhuvu toere was die antwoord! Goedbeplande roete afhangende wat jy wil sien; luukse 4×4 voertuie neem jou deur sand en water en oor duine; natuurkennis en voëlkyk is ekstra bonus want hulle ken! Heerlike ontspanne pieknieketes terwyl ons iewers onder ‘n boom eet…maar saans word ‘n feesmaal opgetower. Kies jou toer vriende en beleef ‘n onvergeetlike Afrika tent vakansie op sy beste….VIVA UNDHUVU!🐾🐾

  2. I had two weeks 4×4 tour with Henry Philips as driver and mechanic around Botswana.

    Starting from the North toward South, we experienced everything, we were stuck in the mud, in the sand, we got mechanical problems and Henry was able to cope all difficulties, he also taught us how to drive in a wild area.

    I had the opportunity to chat with him before the tour and he was friendly and positive.

    We went in a low season period, during the starting of the raining season, we have changed our plan, more than one time and Henry has offered always a good alternative, we have faced some tough situation such as to cross a pan area, after heavy rain but whenever the situation was unsafe, Henry has been the first person to change his mind, offering alternatives.

    As Italians, we have tried to interpret the wild area regulations in our own way but his African blood brought us on the right path.

    What I have to say more, he was a tireless worker; with him, we never felt lost or in a precarious situation, thanks to his knowledge of the country; he prepared delicious meat and he was a master of BBQ, simply a great person.

    Thanks, Henry for the amazing tour and strong emotions we have lived together

    PS: We miss you and keep safe

    Michela Sinesi and Sergio Gramegna

  3. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Henry, when booking our tour to Botswana. Unfortunately our departure date was for April 2020, just after SA and Botswana initiated their Lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. My friends and I were shattered. But Henry kept in touch with us constantly and we postponed the trip to May. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, we were forced to postpone this “bucket list” trip of ours to 2021. We can’t thank Henry enough for being so accommodating during this time, and totally understanding our predicament. I sincerely hope that we still manage to visit Botswana and Victoria Falls in either March or April 2021. I really hope that the Tourism industry survives this pandemic and that we, as tourists, can resume exciting travel trips with Henry and Undhuvu Tours as soon as possible.

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